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Open Mon-Fri: 8 am - 5 pm

نتحدث العربيه

(832) 551-1001

Residential Mortgage Solutions

Home loans focused on your net-worth.

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15+ Years


When it comes to one of the most important financial transactions of your life, trust the Rabi Shamis team to help you achieve your goal of having a new home!
Our mission is to serve you with reliability, sincerity, honesty, and proficiency. Our goal is not only to get you approved for a home loan but to guide you throughout the process. We will listen to your goals. We will provide you with a roadmap that will help you get there. 

Let us help you achieve the dream of homeownership!
We are committed to providing you with a stress-free process and a personalized experience.

Mortgages Designed for a Better Net Worth

Statistics have shown that if you are a homeowner, you have 44x the net worth of a renter.

Our responsibility is to review your entire financial picture and help you with your future financial goals. Our creative mortgage solution strategy will offer the highest net worth for you. 

Our Promise to You

At Rabi Shamis, we believe everyone is entitled to own a home. If you are not qualified for now, we will provide you with an action plan and help you get there. We don't take No for an answer.

Stress-Free Process

We are committed to giving you a stress-free process with on-time closing, personalized assistance, and up-to-date information. 

Pre-Approved Not Pre-Qualified.

When you work with Rabi Shamis, our mission is to get you pre-approved, not just prequalified. 

The Best Rate + The Lowest Closing

We strive to help you make smarter financial decisions by giving you accurate information. We will never give you misleading information.

Financial Stability Guided Process 

Our specialized team will guide you through the process of owning a home. From a pre-approval specialist to a credit expert, you are guaranteed to be approved, if not now, in the near future, as we provide you with the road map to own. 

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Mortgage Designed Just for You.

We know no one-size fits all. Each one of us is different, and so are our mortgage solutions.

Every client has a different financial strategy, and no two people can be treated the same. During the upfront PreApproval process, we analyze credit, monthly debts, assets, tax brackets, and income to deliver a unique certified mortgage plan. This provides clarity and assurance that you can afford a home now and in the future while building a higher net worth.

Financial Planner in Houston

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Planning on buying a new home or refinancing your existing one?! We are here for you! Let's talk and explore what's possible.

Mortgage Broker in Houston

Yes you can!

We will help you with the roadmap to homeownership or refinancing your mortgage. We will guide you through the best steps to get you qualified, and together, we will determine your monthly payments and how much you will need for closing costs.

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